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War Games

Like the war? The United States also loves. That was a very black joke. We are talking about war games. We have a Aplia and varied collection of war games. The war games are incredible. Select the game of your choice within our wide selection of wargames. We will handle your fun is healthy and fun. Choose the best wargame think is the perfect one. Our war games are totally warlike and fun. Imagine a scenario back in the Middle East aboard a tank shooting war.
Plan your strategy to defeat the enemy. Select the biggest battle tanks so you can win. Selects all combat team from the soldiers, your allies to weapons you needed. For war there are no rules. If you want to win the war in the best way possible must always have the best team battle. Selects more and better soldiers. Only the strongest will survive. In war always lose some batarras, but be sure not to lose the entire war.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 at 17.46.30 War Games

Puzzle War

Who is better, you or the computer? In this game you have to put at least 3 figures in a…